Friday, August 9, 2013

Daisy Dragonfly

It seems that my blogging has been on hiatus for some time now but I certainly didn't realize it's been since March since I've posted anything!  I could unleash a thousand excuses but in the end it doesn't matter, what does matter is getting back on the horse, time to saddle up! I've been doing plenty of projecting during my absence but my chronicling and editing pics for posting I wasn't so good at.  The best way to get back in the water is to just jump so I'm jumping. 
 (Wonder how many more cliches I can put here)

I'll post the projects completed as I find, collect and edit all the pics for them, I did quite a few projects for our local Habitat ReStore's Upcycle Challange!  I made several of these dragonflies for the challenge and due to an error, someone who'd bid on the daisy one didn't get it and she was disappointed so Karen, the store Manager asked if I'd make her one, which I did, and I think it's my favorite!

One of my blog crushes is the Lucy Designs Blog
which is where I saw her gorgeous dragonflies made with fan blades.  She has since had such great success she uses regular plywood now for hers but the originals were make from fan blades.  Check out her photo gallery to see how incredibly talented she is!
I was out of blades and body parts (table legs, rail balusters, etc...) so a quick trip to the ReStore and I was ready to craft!  I came home with a toilet paper holder, some blades and a few rail balusters for the body. 

I glued marbles in the sockets of the TP holder for the eyes and used marbles for the end of her spiraled wire antennas.  The buttons are made from two sets of knob back-plates (from the ReStore too) and I painted the smaller set blue to match the wings.

I cut one end of the baluster off to create the tapered end, then topped it off with a vintage doorknob I also found at the ReStore.  Two scrolled knob back-plates I pillaged rescued from an end table on someone's curb and two more blue ones adorn the body.
I dropped her off at the ReStore so she could be picked up by her new owner and I hope she loves her as much as I did.

I'm joining a link party with another of my blog crushes, Gail over at My Repurposed Life


  1. Fab-u-lous! I love it Nadine, great job and thanks for the sweet comments and sharing my page!

  2. and yours looks way better than mine did! I tried making one of these. I need daisies!
    and some bling.
    this is so cute.
    I came here via- MRL.
    Have a blessed weekend.


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