Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweater bracelets

Several weeks ago I was awaken suddenly by a chirp on my phone which meant I had a new message.  Normally I don't give them a second thought since I get them all the time.  Of course then I was awake, so after getting up to go to the bathroom and get something to drink I checked out what message woke me up.  It was an update to my YouTube account, one of the people I subscribe to Debi's Design Diary had posted a new video...since I was awake and all I checked it out...this is one crazy chick, she makes me laugh and she's also really cute and energetic and quirky.  Here is her video...

I just happen to have several thrift shop sweaters already in house since I've done a few other projects using them so I got to work.  She had better success with gluing her sweaters to the bracelets but I just made a big ole sticky glue mess when I tried it so I used my trusty needle and thread.  I've been collecting and wiring broaches for my Niece's upcoming wedding bouquet so I have some broken pieces just laying around. 

I like the casual look of these cuffs and the added bonus is they're warm!  No cold metal touching my skin during this unusually frigid weather.

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