Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Man Cave Screens

While out doing our yard sale thing this past summer we happened upon a sale at a big ole country house that had a 3 car garage.  The woman ran an upholstery shop out of the garage and so she built several large frames which she put screening in to create large screen panels.  She then attached rollers to them and mounted those panels on a track on the bottom side of the garage door opening, like by-pass closet doors.  We thought it was a brilliant idea and knew we had just the junk material to make it happen at our house!

As soon as we got back to the house that afternoon we found in our hoard...'stuff we bought for something but never did' the screen doors we bought at another yard sale the year before.  We bought 4 of them, 2 of each size.  I'm not sure we really knew what to do with them when we bought them but they were a good deal as it was, but even better since we bought in bulk!  They had used them to enclose the breezeway between their garage and house but had since had a larger sun room (they actually call them 3 season rooms here) installed and didn't these them anymore.

I hopped on the internet and researched rolling doors and all the different ways we could DIY some. In the end we just went to Menards and purchased the hardware for a 2 panel bi-pass closet door, actually we had to buy two to cover the entire opening.  

We had two 32 inch doors and two 36 inch doors.  Using both of the larger doors and one of the smaller ones left us 4 inches short on the width and we had about an inch to make up in the height.  A brief search through our hoard stock and we found the perfect pieces of wood to add a few inches to the garage frame to make up the difference.   Hubby then went about McGyvering the track to make it fit and attached the rollers to the screen doors.  We hung the doors and voila!  

Outside view first hang

Look out from the inside
 Looks good but somethings not right.  This of course drove me crazy, those who know me well will know why! 

Now the question became, will the garage door shut?


BINGO!  It worked!
There was still something not quiet right about it though and it was driving me crazy!!!

Ahhh...all better!  
Do you see it?  Like I said, those who know me well probably already know what was wrong but for the others I'll give you a hint.  Balance and Symmetry.
Give up?

At first the two doors on the left were hung on the same track and the one on the right was hung on the other.  The right door could slide past the middle door but the one on the left couldn't.  Hubby said it didn't matter because we were only going to use the one on the right.  It must have been my look because a simple readjustment by the reluctant happy Hubby and it's all better now!  I can't help it. those kinda things drive me INSANE!

Here it is all done, the center door is held on the outside track and the two outside doors are set on the inside track.  We've found it opens far enough to get whatever we need in and out of the garage including my wheelbarrow and if we need to take them off to get something larger inside or out it's easy enough to do.  I painted the raw wood we used to make up the inches in the width so now it doesn't look like an add-on.  

We loved sitting out in the garage during the evenings last summer without being ate up by bugs and the screen doors that sat in the corner and moved from one house to another finally found their purpose!  


  1. Such a great idea, Nadine! You are my up-cycling hero!

  2. Long time no "see your name". Hope you are doing well, and the screens look awesome! Have a happy rest of the spring.


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