Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Auction score

On a beautiful Saturday morning recently we went to an annual auction held by our local Christian broadcasting station which draws in a huge amount of donations.  They had hundreds of items to auction and most of the items were brand new or near new.  They had everything from jewelry to cars that were sold under the big tent.  They were also blessed with some gently used items that were auctioned off outside...in the back...where all great thrifty purchases are made.  I wasn't in need of anything, and we weren't looking for anything in particular but we scored none-the-less!  

As we walked out beyond the big tent into the muddy field (it rained hard the night before) these doors were the first thing I saw and I was in love.  I felt that sense of excitement when I instantly feel inspired by odd objects and trying to conceal my zeal from the Hubby I stepped right into a huge squishy puddle and nearly fell.  Oh proud he would have felt about his mud covered wife!  Luckily we didn't have to go there and I remained upright.  

Mission style pocket doors-they went for $30

I lovingly stroked the wood and ran my fingers across the textured glass trying to conjure up the history these doors may have seen.  Wondered about the home they came out of.  I even leaned over and softly said to some gentleman who dared to look at them "Stay away from my doors!"  Luckily they took it in the manner it was given and we all had a good chuckle.  Ironically they were the winning bidder, they went for $30!  
 I have to admit, I was seriously thinking about throwing caution to the wind and bidding on them higher then I did.  Since we're strapped for cash these days I really couldn't choose to spend the grocery money on them...SF might have thrown me in the mud himself if I had. 

The auction began outside and unfortunately the 70's style office furniture was a hard sell and most of the items outside seemed to be.  I say unfortunate because they weren't raising a whole lot of money from our group but they did inside I think.  We got caught up in the auction excitement and threw out a few bids here and there on stuff we really didn't need...this was one of them!

 The table top is just resting on the leg pieces because he had to take it all apart to get it home.  Did I mention we do not have a truck?  The significance of that will come to light here in a bit.

Here are the curvy legs with the carved detail.  I'm not sure even what style of furniture this is...deco perhaps?  I'm not really sure I even like it but what made us bid was the chairs.  Our current dining room table was another auction buy from years ago and it's OK, it has no sentimental value so it could be replaced I'm just not so sure this is my style.  The chairs are falling apart  so we thought they could be replaced with these.  I'm not sold yet, we'll see if they speak to me after they're transformed.  

Did I mention we paid $5 for this set?  Yea...really!

We paid $1 for this exercise thingy for my daughter (it was a pity bid but hopefully she'll use it) 

This was actually the only thing we had agreed to bid on.  It was a cabinet of some sort, perhaps office?  Someone had already put a tiled top on it and painted it a color I could live with for a while so it will be my new sewing cabinet.  A place for my machine and notions and some storage!  Not bad for $5.  Yup, you read it right, there's no other number before that 5.

Another $1 buy, a vintage radio/phonograph cabinet that still works!  We plugged it in and jammed in the back yard as we sorted through all this stuff.

Vintage stereo cabinet
This was another item we decided to bid on if the bids didn't go to high.  We originally thought it must be a California King Waterbed but it's actually twin waterbeds.  I've been in love with this Ana White DIY Farmhouse Storage bed since seeing it on her old blog Knock Off Wood.  When I saw these that's immediately what i saw in my head.  These will be re-purposed into a bed...I think.  If we can make it work.  They may just end up as one big-assed dresser, we'll see.

We bought a few other misc items and gave some away before we even left.  This white desk was one of them, another $1 buy that came with something else we 'donated' back.  The desk has a hutch with it (not pictured) that has already been chopped, hacked, rebuilt and is now awaiting it's mounting in the bathroom somewhere for some storage.  The forecast of rain that evening meant we had to put it all somewhere so we managed to rearrange our screen-room-turned-storage-room and pack it all in.

Lord help us I think we're hoarders!


  1. Major score, Nadine! Can hardly wait to see what you do with all of this!


  2. Great auction finds! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the gambling table I redid. The wax I used is by Fiddes & Sons and the color of the wax is Rugger Brown.


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