Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping at our ReStore

Most Saturday mornings we head out on our weekly chore of grocery shopping and either stopping by a few yard sales or thrift shops.  One of those places is our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and they've recently moved into a great new space.  If we're working on a project around the house, or as is the case most of the time for me...looking for some inspiration we stop there first since they're only 6 blocks away now! Here are a few of the things I found that inspired me, now...if I only had the money to dish out right now to buy them all!  Luckily our ReStore offers discounts on the older merchandise to keep the items flowing through their store so some were really great deals!

First thing I came across in the lighting section is this beautiful ceramic chandelier.  Cute right?  It would be perfect for a breakfast nook or even a bedroom.  

$50.00 less 25% because of the blue sticker.
 They have a great selection of cabinet doors that can be used for all sorts of home decorating ideas and I've used them to make chalk-boards as well as signs.  I'm working on one sign project now that I'll be revealing soon.   

 This beauty was just kinda stuck along the wall like someone was hiding it. 
$150.00 minus 50% for the tag color...what a deal!
 This chair could use some TLC and a coat of paint, some pretty flowers in a pot and it would look wonderful on someone's front porch!

 I've seen lots of projects on Pinterest for these old telephone benches.


 These pretty little knobs were less then $1 a piece

This beautiful blond table was a new addition and I'm sure it didn't last long there, if I could have I would have snatched it up and brought her home with me.

This beauty was $75
 Look at the gams on her!  Gorgeous spiral legs

I've been eying these tiles for while too.  I don't have a project in mind for them so I can't justify making the purchase and I keep thinking I'll get an idea if I keep looking at them long enough.

There are three boxes of them, $10 a box and with the tag color each box would be 75% off!  

I've been coveting these headboards made of old doors that I've seen on pinterest so I've been in search of something to use.  

I have my eyes on this prize.  It's a set of French doors, probably from the front door of an old house here in town and I'm sorry it's just really ugly but it has great potential!  The white carved relief rectangles protrude from the frame slightly and would look great all painted and distressed to show the delicate pattern.  Because they're a set I could make two...hear that SF...TWO really great headboards from this one item.  It's been through one round of markdowns already and it's still there, I'm taking that as a sign from the frugal goddess that it's waiting for me to take it home and give it a little crafty love.  It's $250 for the whole shebang, doors, frame and storm doors which is really probably a steal but way over my budget!  I was hoping to get it when it was 75% off but still couldn't justify spending the $75 when I don't have anyplace to store it. 

REALLY UGLY french doors with beautiful details just begging to be made over.

I know lots of DIY'ers would love to get their hands on some of these spindles and could see them making great yard-art like this butterfly and these dragonflies using reclaimed parts and pieces. 

I have a confession...I'm in the midst of a little blog crash with Lucy Designs right now.

I love our ReStore and the people who run it, they directly support such a great cause that has helped so many families get into homes of their own and by buying what we can from there we do too.  Check them out!


  1. Nadine, Your blog is amazing!! So glad you love the store... we do too and it does so much to slow the ever growing flow into the landfills... We have gotten so many new things lately... see you soon!!

  2. What a great statement about our Restore! Can't thank you enough for the tribute.


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