Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dried Flowers

I remember decorating with dried flowers in my first big girl place of my own.  I had a few roommates and they were cheap materials to decorate with...anyone remember the yard sticks covered in paper ribbon ruffles and adorned with Baby's Breath and German Statice?  As I began to start my family and crafting became my outlet I made TONS of those kind of things and gave them to everyone I could think of.  I'm pretty sure my former Sister-in-Law "Tink" still has one I made over 20 years ago hanging in her house! 

Fast forward 20 years or so and Feng Shui becomes all the rage and I discover having dead things in your home doesn't create good feng shui in your home and Lord knows I didn't need any bad!  I threw every last bit of dried stuff out and got rid of all it.  I decided only live things would dwell in my home from that point on and since I don't have quite the green thumb my mother does I consequently don't have many live plants these days either!

Recently I've seen tons of projects with dried hydrangeas and although I've always loved them I don't have any so I could only look at my computer monitor and dream.  Until today!  My co-worker trimmed her bushes this morning and brought me in a huge bouquet of them!  I can't wait to dry them and make a wreath for my front door.  That's not technically "IN" the house...right?


  1. So where is the picture of the wreath?

  2. They're so pretty! Very thoughtful of your friend:) Looking forward to seeing your wreath.


  3. German Statice, what a blast from the past! I haven't thought about it in years but I used to love the stuff. I guess you're right, now the big IT flower is hydrangeas. Those are beautiful, and I think you're right, just keep the dried flowers on the door and your "chi" will flow just fine!



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