Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hydrangea Wreath

In my last post I wrote about the hydrangeas my co-worker brought to me so I could make a wreath with them because I've seen such beautiful ones on Pinterest recently.  Several people have asked me what I did with the flowers so here it is! 


 I hung it temporarily on the door to the man-cave because I thought the hunter green would show off the beautiful color of the flowers and it looked good.  I wasn't completely taken with my wreath, I have a 'thing' about spacial issues and the fact that my spiraled grass seed sprigs (fronds?) aren't evenly spaced would eventually drive me nuts. 

Then a hurricane named Sandy came along...but let me show you how I made this first.  Hiding behind my behemoth butterfly tree bush is this patch of wild grass.  I planted it years ago to kind this corner of the house and the gas meter...needless to say it's kinda taken on a life of it's own. 


 It produces these lovely whispy seed thingies that I thought would add a little whimsy to my wreath so I cut a bunch off and just began stuffing it into the grapevine wreath I picked up at our local thrift shop for $1.29.

My intent was to just kinda randomly place them around the outside but before I knew it my inner balancing nature took over and I found myself trying to 'evenly' place them around the wreath.  
Uggg...why do I do that to myself everytime?

After I had them all placed where I want them I pulled out this old hot glue-pot.  Yea I know it's ancient, don't be hater of my vintage tools!  I bought that pot and a whole bag of melting glue (circa 1985) for $.50 at a yard sale.  I remembered when I used this type of glue and pot years ago the glue seemed much stronger then the stuff I use in my glue gun so I chose this to put the flowers on with. 

 I began gluing the flowers to the wreath in random order because I really wanted the feel of the wreath to be free-flowing

Here it is all done and on the window of my front porch which ended up being it's final resting place. It was getting dark out so the pictures aren't that great but you get the idea.

Here it is on my front door but I couldn't leave it there for now because I don't have a hanger to accommodate the door...yet.  Perhaps if I nag ask my hubby again to replace the screen insert with the glass insert I can return it to the door.

 Looks pretty good doesn't it?  


Sandy entered our lives!

The storm of the century, Stormageddon, Superstorm aka Hurricane Sandy finally hit us.Although we're hundreds of miles from the coast the massive size of this hurricane had far reaching winds and rain and we dealt with some pretty powerful winds.  Needless to say my beautiful new wreath didn't fare so well...I looked outt he window last night to see if there was any damage I could see yet and saw this!

Yikes...my seed thingies poofed!

Oh well...it was fun to make!

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  1. Gee I don't know Nadine, if you kinda trim it up, bet it would look pretty cool.

    ANON - aka Liz


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