Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Thankfulness

Now I know why I've never done any of these 30 day (insert thing) blog or Facebook  things...I get distracted too easily and although I intend to post the time just slips away from me.  I have taken a picture almost every day but I haven't gone that extra mile to actually post it.  However...this is MY blog and I can make the rules so I am, I'm posting a few things at once that have touched me over the last few days.  

 This summer I made a herb drying rack made from and old wooden frame that I stapled a piece of screen into and hung by hooks I put in each corner.  I've been drying herbs on it all summer and I pulled that last of my Tarragon and Lemon Thyme.  I still have Basil drying on the bottom so I had to put it in a box...on my rack.  I'm thankful that my Mom cooked with fresh herbs and spices and I learned to appreciate how they enhance food.  I wish I had paid more attention. 

A local grocery store had two great buys this week, one of them was squash for $ .19 lb and the other was pork sirloin roasts for $1 lb.  I love a great bargain and I'm thankful we had some extra cash to stock up.  We went and bought 3 roasts and 2 acorn, 2 butternut and 2 buttercup squash and spent less then $20, 17 and some change.  The impressive thing is what we saved, $43.03!  After walking to the car we decided to go back for more so I ran back in and picked up 4 more roasts and a few more squashes.  I spent another $21 and saved $45.75.


What the hell as I thinking buying all this squash!!??   I cut two of each in half and roasted them.  We ate half a buttercup squash for dinner that night which was yummy and I packed the rest up for the freezer!  

Thankful I have the space to freeze it all

Saved $88.00!

 Last weekend was the annual changing of the closet, you know out with the winter clothes and the summer stuff gets put away.  A horrid horrid chore and hopefully one day when I grow up and I'm rich and famous I'll have a closet big enough for everything!  Underneath a pile-o-stuff on the top shelf I found my old scrapbook and in there was a copy of my High School paper, that I and my horse Stormcloud were on the front cover of.  WOW what a flood of memories!

I'm thankful that my Mom went the extra mile to provide me with the best friend a teenage girl could have...a horse.

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