Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful-Veteran's Day Edition

For several years I was a member of a national veteran service organization and my daughter was involved in their junior group.  We were blessed to have been able to do many things and attend our annual state conferences with our Junior group.  One of those trips took us to the Air Force Museum here in Dayton.  We were doing a self guided tour and working our way through the WWII section when we stumbled upon a elderly gentleman who was mesmerized by a plane.  He stood stoically looking up at an airplane,  I wish I had paid more attention to what kind of plane it was.As we approached him and the plane the girls were chatty and loud exuberant which broke his attention long enough to look over our group and a large smile erupted across his face before he turned his attention back to the plane. 

One of the girls asked a question about the seat located in the glass covered nose of the airplane and before I knew it a frail voice began from the elderly man in response to her question.  It turns out that was 'his' plane hanging there in that museum and his job during the war was sitting in that seat and aiming the big guns.  He began to reminisce and as his eyes glazed over he began to tell us of his downing over Germany and his eventual capture and life as a POW, he called his fellow soldiers by name as if we would know them.  His voice quivered once or twice and there were several long pauses as he appeared to get lost in his own memories but the girls seem to hang onto each word and cheered when he told them of his release and all the while his gaze never left the plane. 

The younger girls were getting restless so we thanked him for answering her question and the girls thanked him for his service and we made our way towards the giftshop for Astronaut Ice Cream.  As the rest of our group finally met up with us the girls all began to retell the story of the hero they just met and it made me so happy to know he made an impression on them.  I know he did on me. 

Thank You random Vet at Wright Pat that day, thank you to my husband, thank you to the men and women who serve in any uniform...Thank you for your service an sacrifice so we can continue to live as we do.


  1. Such a sweet post, Nadine:) I'm grateful for your hubb's service!


  2. How lucky to happen to be at the Air Force museum at that exact moment he was there. Such a different world then, and you were able to see it through someone's eyes that lived it. Thank you for sharing.


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