Friday, July 6, 2012

My Morning Commute

On a recent sunny morning I just happened to have my camera in my purse and since I just love driving through the country on a warm summer morning I thought I'd share my morning commute here.   It was hazy as expected for a late June summer morning but you can still see soybean and corn fields.  My favorite part is all the farms off in the distance.  Of course I try to imagine the family's that live there...

Growing up and then working in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C., I did my fair share of sitting in traffic.  My Mother worked in Old Town Alex. for years then moved downtown to K Street so to me, traffic was just a given and expected.  Still is apparently...which is why my friends who still live in the area have migrated even farther south on 95.  Although there are die-hard career people to whom that commute time is kinda like a badge of honor...I can't even imagine doing that commute anymore.  My morning commute used to look like this!

My anxiety level rises just looking at that traffic...yikes!   Any way...luckily, this mornings commute didn't involving sitting for long periods of time wondering why traffic isn't just involved the earthy smell of fresh cut hay...the stench, odor, nourishing smell of cows and pigs...and cute little farms with red barns. 

I chose to go straight at the intersection where I usually turn just so I could drive by my favorite little farmhouse and farm in Ohio.  She puts a produce cart out front when they begin harvesting from the garden.  I love that it's a real working farm and those farmers work so damn hard.

I am just in love with this house
And then there's guessed it. 

Corn. I have to confess. 

This isn't my normal morning commute, mine isn't so nice since I live in the city.  It normally involves lots of buildings and houses, and although we have a corn/bean field closer to campus but not nearly this lovely.  We stayed at a friends house about 20 miles south of town so she could travel for some out of town business appointments and still have her new granite counter-tops installed.  They are stunning!

That morning commute was a bit longer then usual but I do believe that morning commute was among my best ever!

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