Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Potting Bench-Project 50

We began this potting bench project last year but we built the shelter this spring and didn't finish till after my birthday so I'm counting it in my Project-50!

Last year while doing all my spring planting I decided I needed a potting bench and since we had a pile of wood crap treasure-in-disguise and I figured if I could design something then my wonderful Hubby SF could build it for me.  He's pretty terrific that way!

Pile of scrap wood/junk
 Over the past 2 years or so this pile of junk treasure has been accumulating in the corner of my house and it needed to be gone.  So as I began to think about my potting bench I was trying to use what was in this mess which included an old head/foot-board combo that had been thrown out.  It had seen better days and sitting in this pile for a year didn't help, the particle board headboard didn't survive but the ends did because they are solid wood so they would become my front two legs.  Now I just needed some type of back for it!

Door and almost matching side light door
We went to visit our local Habitat ReStore one day and found an old door and two side lights that matched close enough to say they were all a set.  The whole set cost me $12 which was a great buy cause they were trying to get of things before their big move to the new location.  We always check there first before going to the hardware store.  The side light panels are really cool, the one on the right has a little secret door..  The center panel of glass was cut out of the door so that I could do some type of stained glass treatment with it but I've been lazy I haven;t found my inspiration yet.  Yea...that it.

The hubby put all of our pieces together and made me this beautiful potting bench last year. 

Finished Potting bench
Although I loved the potting bench itself, I wasn't happy with where it ended up, kinda pushed against our not-screen-anymore-room and across from the man-cave.  Not a functional spot at all.  As we cleaned up this spring I cleaned out the back corner of my back yard that's pictured above...yea,, the one with all that crap in it. 

I thought it would be the perfect place for my potting bench so SF and I brainstormed and got busy with more parts and pieces we had paying around.  Some old shingles we bought at the ReStore, the scallops in the front is reclaimed fencing, recycled 2X4's doubled make the posts, recycled signboards make the roof.  A couple of hours and some sweat, a few design flaws and fixes and I had a brand new area to do all my potting and garden stuff in.  I was able to display my collection of galvanized buckets and water cans.

I Love my new potting bench and shelter!


  1. You have got to be kidding me? That potting bench is absolutely awesome! I pinned that puppy.


  2. Nadine this turned out amazing! I love the idea of a shelter over the have my imagination going wild...

  3. I absolutely love this! I love the whole reclaimed aspect of it too! Those galvanized watering cans hanging it's been there all along.
    I just love it. I'm pinning it too! Pat

  4. Outstanding!
    I love this idea! Now how to coax hubby into making me one....???

  5. Do you have any dimentions for the potting bench? He did a great job. I wish men that know how to handle a saw and hammer would wear a sign around their necks, it would make picking out a husband so much easier!

    1. Thanks so much! I don't have any dimensions cause we really didn't measure anything! The door and two sidelights are probably 60' wide and it's maybe 20-24 inches wide. The height is kinda high cause I'll tall so he measured me standing and took some measurement to cut the front legs. A lot of trial and error but it was a fun project to work on

  6. Your husband did a nice job on the potting bench. I wish men that know how to usea saw and hammer would wear a sign around their neck, it would make picking out a husband so much easier!


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