Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two more garden chairs-Project 50

Found another great chair at a yard sale and it spoke to me.  It just had my girlfriend Liz written all over it for some just really needed to be hers.  Who am I to deny a lonely chair it's final resting place?  Of course, being the novice blogger I am...and general all around don't-think-about-taking-a-picture-till-it's-too-late person that I am, I don't have any before pics!  It was stained a dark brown, probably walnut and it had seen better days for sure.
Liz's chair before the rain
I wanted to paint the chair Burgundy to match the trim on her house but it just looked fushia to me. Three coats of paint later and it still looked awfully pink so I left it out overnight so I could look at it again in the morning and decide to leave it or change the color.  

Overnight we got an unexpected thunderstorm and my chair suffered, well...the trim on the back-piece suffered because it was particle board and not solid wood.  SF saw it that morning and valiantly tried to fix it for me before I got home.  I arrived home to find it glued and clamped together but even spray paint couldn't hide the damage although it glued back together fairly nicely.  Plan B-put it aside and regroup.

This chair was another that I had in my stash that had no real home...till now.  I gave it a quick coat of paint and SF cut a whole in the solid seat to place a pot in and this was a quick birthday gift my daughter gave to one of her adopted mothers...(she has so many that I'm grateful for)

Birthday chair for one of my Daughters adopted Mothers
I used copper wire and some beads and fried cracked marbles  that I made and twisted them all up while SF drilled some holes for me and I made a decorative back for the chair and I'm totally in love with it now!  So in love with it in fact that I almost didn't give it to her but in the end, it was still her chair no matter how much I wanted to keep it!  

Liz's chair in it's new home
(^What the heck happened to my picture up there!  Rookie blogger alert!^)

Now I'm on the hunt for a chair with no back so I can make one for myself!


  1. So the addition of the beads on the back!! Happy accident?? Thanks for your comment on my ladder canopy :) Laurel

  2. It has a forever home! The chair is nestled in my backyard, every day as I have my early morning coffee the marbles sparkle in the sunshine, and it makes me smile. I am the lucky girlfriend to not only have the chair, but a wonderful friend. Thank you Nadine, aka chic with the koolaid mustache. ;)


  3. Well, your friend Liz is a lucky lady! Your chair is awesome!


  4. I sure do love the look of these chairs!
    I'd have to be sure that the chair was no longer good for sitting in (as with this chair.) I just cannot use a 'good' chair.

  5. I love your little red chair... and I had a laugh at your sideways picture!
    I have plenty of 'rookie pictures'... they are what they are! Cool chair with the fried cracked marbles??? never heard of that.
    But it looks great even sideways! :) Pat

  6. Hi Nadine: I love the name of your blog, and your chairs turned out great! The burgundy just makes me smile. (I'm a girl who loves colour). I think I'll have to find a thrifted chair to make one of my own. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for commenting on my birdbath.
    Tuula :)

  7. There are no reasons why one cannot simply fall in love with those chairs! They are just lovely furniture pieces! They are simple yet so inviting!


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