Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coffee with Liz

We do an annual camping trip with a group of friends every year at the end of summer and last year my friend Liz left this coffee mug behind.  I grabbed it when I found it during my final sweep of the grounds and brought it home with me and even though I love this beautiful handmade mug I had every intention of returning it to her.  When I told her I had it she pffft'd me and said "keep it" cause she had plenty.  REALLY?  Sweet! Yay for me!

Now I have coffee with Liz every weekend.  I get to enjoy this mug as I indulge in two of my guilty pleasures.  Animal Rescue and Jack Hanna on Saturday mornings and reruns of Mad Men in the wee hours of my Sunday mornings.  

*shhhh* Don't tell those I have convinced I don't get up early in the morning!

This mug, and the friendship it represents makes me happy.

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  1. Makes me happy too. thank you.



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