Friday, December 21, 2012

New Color

Last week I got another of those 'wild hairs' and decided to color my hair again.  I've always been blond of some sort but always wanted to be a red-head.  I tried many variations of strawberry blond yet it never satiated that Jessica Rabbit moment I wanted.  Soon after my hair was butchered...chopped...cut I decided to color it and even out my color since I still had some sun-bleached ends and I used Lightest Golden Brown. 

It pretty much accomplished what I wanted it to and evened my color out.  This time I decided to go just  bit darker and tried the Medium Golden Brown which I really like as well.  

It's frizzy from blow-drying which I never do but I'm kinda diggin' it!

As much as I like it however it's still a bit disappointing since I really want that WOW moment with something totally shocking.  I'm just not so sure I'm willing to suffer through a wild color just to have that moment.  

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