Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zebra Bench-Project 50

I bought this ugly old stained bench at my favorite spot, our local ReStore. It was probably a piano or vanity bench at one point in it's life but it had good lines so I thought it deserved new life!  

 See that price tag?  Yup, $2!  How could I not buy it?

 The color is kinda yellow-creamy-dingy and old so I knew it needed to be painted.  Another project for my DIY chalk paint and I wanted to experiment with some black.  I took the top off the bench and put it to the side to reupholster another day.

 We found some Ooops paint from Menards in 'Licorice' so I whipped up a batch of the black chalk paint and got busy.  It didn't quiet cover as well as I was anticipating with the first coat but the second coat covered it completely. 

Once I got the two coats done I left it to dry while I turned my attention to choosing a fabric for me new bench.  Choosing a material and covering the bench top were next on the agenda.

Once I took the gawd-awful brocade fabric off I found this lovely green naugahyde pleather and in removing it I was gifted with yet another layer of pleather in an even more horrid color! 

Once I had it all stripped I reused the padding and added a few more thin layers of foam aka old foam mattress pads.  Once I picked out what fabric I wanted it was easy peasy to re-cover.

After a little bit of distressing and two coats of wax the chalky greyish-black paint color deepened  to a rich black.  

The animal print trend has been going strong in the fashion world for a few years and it's extended into the home-decor world as well.  Once something becomes 'vogue' I'm pretty much done with it.  Although I covet the big bold zebra, giraffe and leopard print purses I would never buy one, because I don't want to be 'everyone else'.  With all that being said...I chose Zebra!

In the end, it cost me less then $10 to finish this little project and I have a cute little bench for my bedroom!  It has really come in handy there too.  It makes me happy! 


Where is the final picture showing my new bench in it's new place in my bedroom?


Ok Ok...I'd have to clean my room first!  

Just keeping it real.

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  1. Oh Oh Oh--- I am liking the Animal grrrrrrr print! :) You made my morning with your awesome comment ..thanks for stopping by my place chick-a-dee! Your blog is looking all your stuff! You are crazy talented! NICE!!!


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