Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ReStore Upcycle Challenge-Part 2~Dog Bed

My last post was the beginning of my sharing the projects I submitted to our local ReStore for their Upcycle Challenge last spring.  The challenge was to take items purchased in their store and transform them somehow and it was right up my ally!  I mentioned in my previous post how I love to create and make things but often don't have the space or in this case, the need for the things I make. 

Case in point this trash to treasure end table turned 
Dog bed

Our Saturday morning routine usually involves a trip to our Habitat for Humanity ReStore and our favorite thrift store.  While I often stop and check out our local Goodwill I don't normally buy or donate to them after finding out how much their directors make.  I'd prefer to patronize my locally owned and operated stores where I know the money is being redirected back into my local community. 
*steps off my soapbox*

While cruising the aisles of our local ReStore one day I came across this end table and although in pretty good shape it had seem better days.  She had gorgeous curvy legs and some pretty details which I knew would really stand out with some chalk paint and stain.  I've already made one of these for my friend Liz and her terror terrior Casey and I loved the way it turned out so I wanted to make another one.

I can't remember how much it was but somewhere around $12-15 , however it was also the yellow tag items turn to be reduced by 75% so it was really only $3 or $3.50 so I swooped it up as the hubby gave me that "what are you going to do with THAT" look.  I'm sure my kindred spirit repurposers know that look all to well themselves.

Although I'm pretty sure I took pictures of each step I can only find the ones I took with my phone and I've procrastinated too long already to get these projects posted so I'm just going with what I have.  I used the DIY chalk paint with some Ooops paint from Menards ($2 a quart speaks to my cheap thrifty little heart) that was a nondescript cream color.  Since it would be going to someone else's house I needed to choose a color that was fairly neutral although I really wanted to make it green or turquoise.  I also found some dowel wood caps I fitted and glued to the ends of the table legs to give it a little fancier detail then the leg bottoms.

The joy of using the chalk paint is that you don't have to prime or sand it prior to painting it, or paint it very neatly either which is great since I'm too impatient to do all that.  I gave it one coat of the chalk paint and then went in and painted the pretty scrolls and some of the accents on the piece with some blue chalk pain I had used on another project.  Once it dried I did a second coat of the cream colored chalk paint and let it all dry overnight.

(Just pretend there's a picture of my table covered in chalk paint with the pretty blue exposed)

I used a wet rag to rub over the areas I had painted blue to expose a bit of the color until I was kinda happy with how much of it was exposed.  I then sanded the whole table with a fine grit sandpaper to make sure the chalk paint was nice and smooth.  I went over some areas with a courser grit to expose some of the wood beneath the paint, mostly along the edges and some parts of the scrolled areas.  I then applied a brown glaze on top of the paint, wiping it off once I got one area coated.  This picture below shows the leg on the left after the glaze and the one on the right before.

 I glazed then wiped the whole piece until I liked the way it looked. The haphazard chalk painting technique allows the paint to hold just enough of the glaze to give it an antique feel and the glaze stayed nicely in the recessed areas of the piece giving it just the look I was going for.  Yea, Lets go with that!

I let it dry outside overnight so the glaze was good and dry.  I really like the way it turned out although now I had those two holes in the front where the fake drawer pull was attached that I had to deal with. 

If I was making this for someone I knew then I would have made a plaque with the dog, or cats name however a generic dog bone would need to suffice.  I had also picked up a piece of foam that I fit into the bottom of the table then used a pillow and blue pillow cover for the cushion.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

I hope there is a happy critter out there who is enjoying their new bed!

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  1. Adorable Nadine...but I don't think Libby will fit....giggggles...really nice though :-)


    1. Thanks Jana...yea, it's definitely not St. Bernard size but maybe a large square coffee table would work!

  2. This is awesome! I need to try making one for our beagle.


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