Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thirty Word Thursday's -Angels in the Snow

Way back when I had a Yahoo 360 blog with a group of friends who fancied themselves as writers, we used to do a few challenges that provided a lot of inspiration and were a lot of fun. One of them was that someone from the group would choose a word and then we'd all search for or take a picture and post it that represented that word for us.  The other was someone would post a picture and we all wrote a short story inspired by it.  It was funny to see personalities emerge through their pictures and stories...some were poignant, some were dark and some were downright hilarious!  

I was thrilled when I discovered a similar challenge on one of the other blogs I follow Treasures Found, where she blogs about her gorgeous jewelry among other things.  She has an Etsy shop where she sells her work and I've admired them for a while now.  She's doing a things she's calling "30 Word Thursdays"  and the premise is simple enough, Take an image and write 30 words about it...exactly 30.  No more.  No less.  Post it to your blog and then link up on her page.  

Here is my first (hopefully of many) contribution for her 30 Word Thursday!

Softly falling flakes
gathering on the ground
Crystalline glistening carpet
beckoning me down

The lights reflecting on it
allowing brilliant glow
Falling backward, arms outstretched
making angels in the snow


  1. oh my gosh...that was FANTASTIC...I LOVE that idea! As an English Major, I took several creative writing classes and one was about writing newspaper articles...I KNOW this is hard to believe since you read my ramblings, BUT I have always be a VERY concise writer. With the newspaper article, we wrote the article and turned it in. It was promptly returned to us and we were told to cut it EXACTLY in half...ok...struggle...THEN we handed it BACK in to have to do it AGAIN...OH MY GOSH...It is HARD to write anything in 30 words and since we don't have much snow, I REALLY did NOT even KNOW that was a snow angel UNTIL you told me...I thought a four-wheeler had gotten loose in the snow...LOL...Thanks for sharing this...SO FUN!

  2. This really brought back memories of my childhood. Thanks for that!

  3. I really enjoyed your thirty words, especially "Crystalline glistening carpet
    beckoning me down".

  4. So happy to have you join in the 30 Words challenge! It is really hard sometimes to distill your thoughts down to just 30 words, but that is what I love most about it. I am challenging myself to take a new picture each week, to be present to what is in my world. And to be sure that it has NOTHING to do with jewelry, as that rules the rest of my life! Thank you for sharing your lovely words, and that image makes me feel like a kid again! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Growing up in Florida, we never made snow angels. When I was an adult and living in New York City, I made my first snow angel in Central Park. What I didn't know, as I threw myself down was that there was a rock and I hurt my booty! Ha ha ha! I laughed so hard. Thank you for bringing that lovely memory back.


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