Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Chairs-Project 50

I have a thing for old chairs.  I've collected them over the years but until now I've never transformed them into anything other then dust collectors.  These two chairs have been in my garage for years and have been used for everything from butts to storage.  Since we've been on a purging spree this year I decided to get rid of them, toss them out, *gasp* throw them I drug them out of the garage and put them with the trash pile.  The only flaw in that plan was we were a few days away from the trash pick-up so they sat outside.  Pitifully sat...sad...forlorn and rejected they endured rain and cold evenings outside.

The next few days came and went and I swear I heard a faint "save me" every time I looked in their direction.  I tried, I really did...but I just couldn't do it...I pulled them back out of the trash pile and turned to my husband and said those 4 little words that strike's terror in the spouses of creative people everywhere..."I have an idea!" 

I had seen this chair on Pinterest recently and followed it back to her blog where she tells the story behind it.  The story was beautiful as was the chair and it inspired these latest creations.  These chairs needed some paint, flowers and a new life too!

When I got home from work the next day my hubby had done the alterations I had envisioned and I was off and running with them.  They both turned out great and look wonderful in my front flowerbed. find some more chairs!

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty, Nadine! I've always admired pictures of chairs in gardens ~ you've inspired me to give it a try myself:)



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