Saturday, June 9, 2012

Redneck Fairy House-Project 50

I've been enchanted by fairy houses and fairy doors since reading about the Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor and reading this man's blog.  I've been wanting to make something similar but I don't have anyplace cool to put a house isn't cool...if I had a business or storefront it would totally have a fairy door.  Fairy gardens are another avenue for fairy lovers but my limited yard space kind of limits those possibilities for me also but I've discovered oodles of fairy gardens built in a container of some type and THAT I can do!

I had this already-re-purposed-once-by-me bench/planter

As with most of my projects that i don't do on impulse, this project has taken a lot of time and thought.  I wanted to make it from reclaimed and recycled stuff, because fairies just don't go to Wal-Mart to buy their's all found and re-purposed items they find.  I didn't have any particular image in my head but I was sure I'd know the components when I saw them.

While visiting a friend recently I noticed a poor neglected wooden birdhouse and just knew that it was my fairy house.  Luckily she gave it to me...SCORE...and I was off and running.  It wasn't a whimsical shape like I thought I wanted so the hubby (SF) cut a whimsical style door in the front for me.

After looking at it for a while trying to find some inspiration for the details of finishing it I finally became inspired by the damn twigs from my neighbors tree that littered my yard.  Fairy's use twigs for lots of stuff so I made windows using twigs, used twigs and a rusted piece of metal for the roof and then got the bright idea to make a stone covered chimney.  Somewhere along the line SF got inspired as well and found a smaller old birdhouse that was buried in the garage.  We decided to cover it with stone and make it an extension to the bigger house and soon it took on a life all it's own.  We made stained glass windows (glass scraps i had), stone face addition and chimney, decorative twigs adorn the front door area and I made a door handle from twigs.

Of my family for some reason... "it's all about the story" so we had to make one up!  My fairy fell in love with the stone mason who stoned her fireplace and chimney so they built an addition and got married!  Now that's a redneck story if I ever heard one!  It's turned out pretty cute and now my fairy and her stone mason has a beautiful place to to start the garden!

Trying to link to my first contest party at The Magic Onion and her Fairy Garden Contest-2012.


  1. Amazing! Who would have thought, the sad little abandoned birdhouse would morph into a mansion; I hope "they" live happily ever after.


  2. Nadine! So happy that you've begun blogging! Looking forward to following your adventure, my friend:)


  3. What a beautiful love story hahaha

  4. What a cute fairy cottage. I like your clever ideas of trimming the cottage with the sticks and pebbles. Your results are very quaint.


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